Hey!, This is Monika Singh Chahal, a.k.a the unheard. A kindergarten teacher, an editor, a traveller, a blogger, and a social media content creator, are a few of the roles I have added to my bucket. For as long as I remember I found myself feeling and thinking about things quite differently from the rest of the people around me. More deeply, more personally, more emotionally and more often. It did earn me a title of an over-thinker, drama queen etc but I never quite understood it.

Very later in life, I realised I had anxiety and traces of depression. Obviously a taboo I really did not open up about it. I acted as I was supposed to. Made it worse. Also, to tell you more I love reading, books are home to me, so I came across a lot of self-help books that helped me become more aware of my feelings and emotions. They guided me to work on myself. So I did. Definitely better and controlled, but yes it seems to become part of your personality, you can’t go back to being a carefree person, an unbothered one, you can’t just stop being an over-thinker, but well managed and composed. I am still working on myself and each day I feel proud of the person I’m becoming.

I’m married to a great guy, who actually pushed me to pen down my journey. I always loved writing, poems, short write-ups etc. and always wanted to have my own blog, sharing my experiences. So I came up with ‘TheUnheards’ and added more people like me to the journey.

As sad as some experiences may seem, I do live a happy life, I do enjoy moments, and for most, I’m an extrovert. I become a better version of myself each day and I’m focusing on my career the most. I love being independent and working hard keeps me going on. A foodie I love exploring new cuisines and going miles to taste specific dishes. Travelling is most important to me, it keeps my soul replenished.

Being a kindergarten teacher has taught me plenty and helped me in tremendous ways. It gave me patience, the key to life and it helped me understand how humans operate. Trust me all adults are just a bigger version of the kids. It gave me empathy and trained me to be a communicator.

Being a writer has made me realise the power of words, and the impact they can create on oneself and the readers. The art of expression and understanding oneself.

So, here I am sharing the Beautiful. Honest. Unashamed version of my stories with you all!

Hope you all will find a little of me in the abundance of you.